I was born in Florence amongst the legacy left by the Medicis, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Brunelleschi, Machiavelli…the list goes on. Living in Florence, it is impossible not to look at the past, in fact in some ways it seems like Florence is a city where time has stood still. Florence has defined my identity, from the masterpieces and monuments to the details of the day to day; the cobblestones, the lanterns, the artisans and the fruit stalls. My background has made me wonder:  What history are we referencing as we build the digital spaces of the future and carve out new surface area for (self) expression?

My grandfather was a Renaissance Man: an able politician, pilot, artist and designer… he is most famous for his brand Emilio Pucci which helped define what we know today as ‘Made-in-Italy’. I grew up surrounded by his sketches, colours and clothes — in short his world; but more than just being inspired by his designs and patterns, I am inspired by his vision. He was a man who looked to the future and challenged the limits. It is hard to pinpoint the extent to which Emilio Pucci has influenced me but my use of colour is testimony of it.

Inspired by my heritage and eager to carry it forward into today’s age, I studied Information Science, Fine Arts and Art History at Cornell University. Through my studies I explored new interfaces for creativity from printmaking to web design, painting to game-design, Arduino, AI and infographics. Since then a whole world opened to me and I became obsessed with the idea of combining traditional art practices with these new technologies.
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