A collaboration with DRESSX- The drop is inspired by the wonders of the sea from the froth of a wave, to the movement of a jellyfish and the beauty of a shell. Digital fashion is allowing us to explore new frontiers of creativity. It is becoming possible to imagine clothes mades of fabrics that could never exist. This drop is about leaning into the surreal and making dresses that shimmer like fish scales or even bloom.
The Inspiration
“Where does the end of the sea start? Or rather: what do we mean
when we say: the sea? Do we mean the immense monster capable of
devouring anything, or the froth of a wave that breaks at our
feet? The water you can hold in the palm of your hand or the abyss
that nobody can see? Do we say everything with that one word or
with that one word do we hide everything?"
Two items from the capsule collection were selected to be part of Crypto Fashion Week 2022 and is now available for purchase on Foundation. Below are additional assets that were produced for the Crypto Fashion Week presentation.



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